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C’est La Vie

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C’est La Vie

I LOVE reading this. It’s about a Parisienne named Mona, and is wonderfully funny. Hope you enjoy it.



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Across these miles I wish you well.
May nothing haunt your heart but sleep.
May you not sense what I don’t tell.
May you not dream, or doubt, or weep.
May what my pen this peaceless day
Writes on this page not reach your view
Till its deferred print lets you say
It speaks to someone else than you.

Vikram Seth
I was researching for yet another exam when I stumbled on this, and I thought it was beautiful. I am ashamed to say that I haven’t read his prose or poetry before, but this poem made me understand why the man is as lauded as he is.

The Librarian

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A beautiful song I first heard on one of my favourite TV shows:)

Hotel California

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An old classic.. I was brought up on the Eagles and The Beatles and Pink Floyd, so this music connects me to the past in a way very few things can.

Somebody That I used to Know

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I’ not a big Gotye fan, but this cover by Boyce Avenue has been on my mind ever since I first heard it.. thought I’d share.

Renegade from Supernatural

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I know I’m going slightly crazy with my current Supernatural craze, but I love this song! And it’s great to listen to at night too:)

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Simply Solo: Single girl starting over - follow the journey

Rachel Russo headshotToday’s Simply Solo Spotlight is written by Rachel Russo, author of the blog Status Makeover, where you can get all sorts of advice on relationships, love and dating. Rachel is also author of a new Ebook launching this summer titled, “How to Get over Your Ex: A Step By Step Guide to Mend a Broken Heart–Italian American (Girl) Style.”

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4 Ways To Cure Your Broken Heart: Italian-American (Girl) Style

There is no question about it: In the days following a breakup, you are likely to be in your most vulnerable state. Essentially, you are…

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