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This is my first time blogging. Im sure that is obvious to anyone who reads all of this. However, i am ( for probably the first time in my life) not ashamed of my efforts, because i know that this will lead me somewhere. I may not know where just now, but Im sure that it will come to me. A great believer in destiny, i know that what I’m doing today may have an effect on someone years later. Or maybe even seconds later. Who knows? All i know is that this blog was meant to be, and that is why you see it before you.

One more thing: I prefer to remain anonymous. Perhaps because anonymity is a very comfortable position. And this way, I can observe the world better, because no one knows who I am. The posts may not be coming as thick and fast as they were before, but that is just because I am really not the type of person who can just decide to sit down and write. Sometimes it just flows. And what does flow, you can see right in front of you on my blog.

This blog cannot be categorised. Maybe that is because i started doing this to find myself. I haven’t found myself yet, and probably the day that I do will be the day i stop writing on this blog. Anyhow, this mad confusion in my brain is the reason one can find everything on this blog: prose, poetry, “abstruser musings” and even videos of songs I like.

Happy viewing!:)


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  1. I enjoy your blog. I’m also a Literature student (French and theories) and was not quite fond of poetry, but of e.e. cummings. It will be nice to discover Keats through you.

    • Thank you! That really means a lot….I haven’t read much e.e.cummings,and am duly ashamed of that.As soon as these exams get over, I will get down to it.


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