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Simply Solo: Single girl starting over - follow the journey

Rachel Russo headshotToday’s Simply Solo Spotlight is written by Rachel Russo, author of the blog Status Makeover, where you can get all sorts of advice on relationships, love and dating. Rachel is also author of a new Ebook launching this summer titled, “How to Get over Your Ex: A Step By Step Guide to Mend a Broken Heart–Italian American (Girl) Style.”

Quick shameless plug: Do you have a story to tell? Advice to offer? Did you just have literally the worst date of your life and you must write about it? I’d love to have you as the next Simply Solo Spotlight! Find out how you can be the next writer for Simply Solohere!

4 Ways To Cure Your Broken Heart: Italian-American (Girl) Style

There is no question about it: In the days following a breakup, you are likely to be in your most vulnerable state. Essentially, you are…

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I'm an avid Keats fan( as is pretty obvious, I'm sure) and a student of English Literature. I love to read and to write and to dance. I'm just an ordinary teen from India who wants a platform to express how she feels about things. In short, I need to get my voice out there. Hope all the readers like what i write. And hope that there are readers.

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