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This one goes out to all my readers: My birthday is coming up, and the wonderful thing about that ( apart from it being a BIRTHDAY!!) is that I am finally turning 18!! Yes, the birthday i have been waiting for for so very long has finally almost arrived. To mark this important occasion, I am going to go out with my parents and drink red wine for the first time with italian food( which I love). Int he morning i shall get a streak of red hair, which I have always wanted.Readers, do give me suggestions about things to do to mark my 18th birthday. All suggestions, no matter how ludicrous and impractical, shall be appreciated and seriously considered.


About keatslover

I'm an avid Keats fan( as is pretty obvious, I'm sure) and a student of English Literature. I love to read and to write and to dance. I'm just an ordinary teen from India who wants a platform to express how she feels about things. In short, I need to get my voice out there. Hope all the readers like what i write. And hope that there are readers.

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  1. Keats,
    It’s not a birthday without a clown.
    Le Clown

  2. No ideas, just make it special for you. Pre birthday wishes!


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