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It’s the festival of colours in India…a bright, happy day when everyone lets go of all their inhibitions and just plays with mud,water.colours…anything handy,in fact. Happy Holi everyone! Just wanted to share the happiness.:)


About keatslover

I'm an avid Keats fan( as is pretty obvious, I'm sure) and a student of English Literature. I love to read and to write and to dance. I'm just an ordinary teen from India who wants a platform to express how she feels about things. In short, I need to get my voice out there. Hope all the readers like what i write. And hope that there are readers.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about Holi. I’ve had the chance to celebrate it twice in the Darjeeling District of northeastern India, and it is such fun! I love the photos you have included! Happy Holi indeed.

    • Oh it’s great that you have been to Darjeeling! That’s in West Bengal, and I am Bengali…have been to Darjeeling quite a few times..

      • Yes, I’ve been a few times. I lived in Kalimpong for 5 months in the spring of 2005 and again for 5 months in the spring of 2008 – what a wonderful place. Where are you living now? Have you spent much time in West Bengal? I miss it!

      • I lived in West Bengal for 10 years..a little more than 10 years actually…I love the place,inspite of how much politics has ruined it.I am currently lining in Hyderabad,but for college,I do hope to go back to Kolkata.

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