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I know(more bad poetry)

Well, now,I know quite well

How little I matter to you.

I know that when you open

Your eyes in the morning

I am not the first person you think of.

I know that when you need someone

To lean on, I do not come to mind

Easily.I know that

There are other people

Who matter so much more,

And that I am but a passing friend.

Maybe I am less than that.

I know that when you sleep at night

I am not who you pray for.

I know that you probably don’t pray at all.

I know well that I am not someone you

Dream of every night.I know,

And I know quite well, that when you drift away

Into that land of your own making, I do not

Exist.I know all this, and I tell myself all this

Every morning.I know I am nothing to you,but

I know that you will always be everything to me.

You will always be all these things to me.


About keatslover

I'm an avid Keats fan( as is pretty obvious, I'm sure) and a student of English Literature. I love to read and to write and to dance. I'm just an ordinary teen from India who wants a platform to express how she feels about things. In short, I need to get my voice out there. Hope all the readers like what i write. And hope that there are readers.

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  1. Thank you for the like!:)

  2. Well done…so much emotion and thought in so few words.

  3. you are something more than someone dream are someone with lot of tenderness toward the people around you..


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