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how to deal with compliments?

How does a girl deal with compliments? Further, how does a girl deal with compliments when she has never had to face them before, and then they are suddenly showered upon her?It’s almost as if she grew up and got pretty overnight…If only that would happen now…This blog is becoming quite a niceoutlet( which is what it was intended to be, anyhow). Now if only there would actually be people reading this.Anonymity is one of the most comfortable positions in the world, from where i’m sitting. Just having one space where you can talk without any one person knowing you or judging you is brilliant. And it makes you feel so free! I wonder why? Now that is a question for a social psychologist, and a post for another time.


About keatslover

I'm an avid Keats fan( as is pretty obvious, I'm sure) and a student of English Literature. I love to read and to write and to dance. I'm just an ordinary teen from India who wants a platform to express how she feels about things. In short, I need to get my voice out there. Hope all the readers like what i write. And hope that there are readers.

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